Hello and welcome!
We don’t know if it really was your intention, but you just landed on the home page of the “To The Great Wall Project”!

We are currently super busy in making our dreams come true, preparing our road trip from Århus, Denmark to Beijing, China!

The website you are looking at in this precise moment is mainly the place were we are gathering all the information, contacts, advices, critics and so on that people all over the world may like to share with us and that may serve us in our long trip!

It is also the place where we publish updates on the status of the project, or were we post articles beginning with “Did you know that… ?!” or “Do you know how to… ??”.
So we hope you’ll enjoy your browsing here and if you have anything to say please just share it and/or contact us! We really are looking forward to hear from you! :-)

If I were in your shoes I would immediately start with clicking around on this map, having a look at what people says in all these countries about our project! :)